Connecting Online

If you are a Connect Group leader or Growth Class teacher who is looking to move your group/class to an online format, we are here for you! Check out this dedicated training page for connecting online: CLICK HERE

NC4 Connect Training

Use these tutorial videos to learn how to complete key responsibilities in NC4 Connect. You will need an active CCB (Church Community Builder) account and know your login. If you hit any snags, contact the main office for help with permission settings or a password reset.

Profile Permissions Training

Do you every wonder what you can look up in NC4 Connect or what information is easily viewable by other NC4 attendees?  In this video series, we’re going to cover the different information available to different levels of viewers. We will also show you how to adjust your privacy settings to keep contact info hidden.

Part 1: Permissions Overview (9 min) 

Part 2: Basic User Permissions (14 min)

Part 3: Group Leader Permissions (15 min)

Part 4: The LEAD App – COMING SOON!

New Schedules Training – FOR VOLUNTEERS

These training videos will help NC4 Volunteers manage their serving settings and communicate better about which dates they would like to be serving on.

Part 1: Blocking Out Dates (5 min) 

Part 2: Swapping a Serving Request (10 min)

Part 3: Viewing Service Plan & Teammates (5 min)

Part 4: Viewing Service Plan & Song List (3 min)

New Schedules Training – FOR SCHEDULERS

We began using the new Schedule module in March 2019. Before this point, individual group leaders managed each serving schedule in separate groups within CCB. Starting with the Quarter 2 schedule (April-June, 2019), all Sunday morning serving activities were grouped onto one schedule. Additionally, new schedules were created for Sunday School Volunteers, Family Nite Volunteers, and more. The training videos below will help you navigate the new system.

Part 1: Overview (15 min)

Part 2: Assigning Volunteers (7 min)

Part 3: Serving Rotations (9 min)

Part 4: Messaging (7 min)

Schedule Views

There are different permissions and settings that get applied to a person’s profile in order for them to see different parts of Schedules & Plans. These videos will serve as a resource to both leaders and team members in trying to decide the right permissions for each volunteer who needs some access to Schedules.

Part 1: Basic User (8 min)

Part 2: Team Organizer (3 min)

Part 3: Plan Organizer (7 min)

Part 4: Schedule Organizer (4 min)

Part 5: Category Organizer (7 min)

Managing Group Participants and Attendance – FOR GROUP LEADERS

CCB Groups are used to keep track of participants and activities associated with NC4 Connect Groups, Serve Teams, Special Events, etc. If you manage a group in CCB, you’ll need to know how to add and remove participants, communicate with your team, set up events, take attendance, and more. These videos will help you do just that.

Part 1: Group Management on the Desktop Version (12 min) 

Part 2: Group Management & Attendance in the LEAD app (13 min)

Part 3: Taking Attendance on the Desktop Version (7 min)