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I experienced a Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course this past weekend with several other Pine Valley staff members. Our instructor was fantastic. He would teach, then we would complete a very realistic scenario (as either the victim or the rescuer), and finish by debriefing our reactions and decisions. I didn’t think my emotions would be as engaged as they were at times, but even in a simulation, your imagination can run away with you.

Our job is to care for wounds or injuries to the best of our ability and keep people alive until the real professionals get there. Or until we can take them to the real professionals.

Listen, I cannot fix it.

(I don’t know that you want me to try either)

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Apply to Join the Youth Leadership Team

Are you a High Schooler interested in joining the Youth Leadership Team this coming school year? This is a group of youth that meet one time a month aside from Wednesdays and youth events. These are leaders who desire to grow spiritually, serve radically, and connect...

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Volleyball Hangout

Wednesday, August 14th 7:00–10:00PM NC4 Macungie Campus We're having a youth volleyball hangout! There will be volleyball, corn hole, Kan Jam, board games, and SO MANY SNACKS! Depending on the number of people, we may do a tournament! Parents are welcome to stay. Come...

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Nov 5, 2023- NC4 Kids Update

Hello Macungie Parents and Volunteers, Announcements: Morning Star Choir (Macungie): is your child in the K-5th grade class? We're encouraging them to participate in the Morning Star Choir that will perform on Dec 10th and Dec 24th in Macungie. Please have your child...

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