We are a family committed to discipling mature kingdom entrepreneurs.

We operate like family and live out our Core Values together, even when it gets messy. We want youth events to feel like you’ve stepped into someone’s living room.

We are committed to discipleship, walking alongside each other as we follow Jesus. Sometimes that looks like studying the Bible together and sometimes that looks like supporting a friend by going to their basketball game.

We encourage our youth to step out and take risks as kingdom entrepreneurs. Our youth serve in many different ways as a vital part of the church and we value their voices.

Upcoming Youth Events

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Wednesdays @ NC4 Bethlehem 6:30-8:30 PM

We want to be a place of Every Day God Encounters, where teens experience the overwhelming love of Christ. 6th-12th graders enter an environment where they can ask hard questions, be their authentic selves and build healthy relationships with peers. We eat dinner together, play games, study the Bible, worship, and connect in small groups. The journey of knowing Christ is an adventure. When you’re living on the EDGE, there’s no other Way.


3rd Sunday of Some Months 4:00-7:00 PM

A hang out for NC4 Youth grades 6th–12th, based on Ecclesiastes 4:12. These events are all about fostering healthy friendships and are hosted by NC4 Youth families at their houses. Expect food, games, laughter, and quality time with peers, youth leaders, and sometimes even NC4 youth parents, in a welcoming atmosphere! 

Breakfast Club

On a Sunday morning, the High Schoolers either serve in some capacity or stay up to hear the sermon. On the last Sunday of the month, they have something called “Breakfast Club” in the Fellowship Hall. They eat breakfast food and discuss theology and questions from previous sermons.

We are always looking for volunteers to host this conversation and/or bring yummy Breakfast Food.

Parent Resources

We recognize the importance of valuable resources for parents of all ages!  Here are a few suggestions from our pastors and staff.

Fuller Youth Institute

Parent Resource Library

Pastor Elle’s Pick

The Strong Willed Child

Dr. James Dobson

Pastor Tony & Polly and Denise’s Pick

Simplicity Parenting

Kim John Payne & Lisa M. Ross

Jen’s Pick

The Space Between

Walt Mueller

Pastor Mike’s Pick

99 Thoughts

Walt Mueller

Pastor Mike’s Pick

Age of Opportunity

Paul Tripp

Pastor Bob’s Pick

Living in a Gray World

Preston Sprinkle

Pastor Ian’s Pick