Bad weather sometimes requires us to cancel a Sunday morning service or other event. When that is the case, the decision will be made as soon as possible. An alert will be posted on our website and social media channels. Plus, a church-wide text will be sent out to appropriate groups.

Join a campus text group!

To get text alerts on service cancelations and other updates, join the texting group for your home campus.

For Bethlehem Campus, text ADD ME BETH to 610.816.6062

For Macungie Campus, text ADD ME MAC to 610.816.6062


The decision to cancel a Sunday service will be made by 6:30am that morning and alerts will be posted on the website and texted by 7am Sunday morning. If the decision can be made the night before, we will do so.

A lot goes into the decision to cancel the Sunday services. We connect with the people who plow the parking lots at both campus locations and key people spread throughout the valley to assess the conditions of sidewalks and streets in different areas. We take into consideration the time it would take volunteers to clear off cars and driveways before driving in to set up. Additionally, we monitor weather reports to see if travel conditions will be safe for those returning home after the service is finished.

In every case, no matter whether we decide to cancel the service or not, we encourage everyone to make the best decision for you and your family when it comes to venturing out in bad weather. NC4 families are spread throughout the Lehigh Valley and beyond. Circumstances can vary greatly from one location to another.

If you are scheduled to serve on a Sunday morning and the service has not been canceled but you have determined it is unsafe for you to drive in, we ask that you please alert your ministry leader right away.

Family Nite and all weekday NC4 Youth events follow the cancellation practices of the respective school district of each campus. NC4 Bethlehem follows Bethlehem Area School District. NC4 Macungie follows East Penn School District. If the district closes school or has an early dismissal, evening events at the associated campus will be canceled.

You can keep an eye on the district websites and can expect the NC4 website to be updated and a text to be sent out when a cancellation is official. You can also join the NC4 Youth Parents Facebook page  and/or the NC4 Kids Facebook page to stay in the loop on cancellations and other announcements for parents.

District Websites:

BASD website – NC4 Bethlehem

EPSD website – NC4 Macungie

For all other events and groups, the decision to cancel will be left up to the person in charge of that event or group. Please contact the ministry leader if you are unsure if your event or group is canceled.