I want to thank so many of you who stood with us in prayer for this last river trip.  I am happy to report that everything went very well.  We got to the villages easily and were able to invite them to our upcoming 5-day training that will happen from March 11th to the 15th.
Community meal that we were invited to.  Note the taper skull on the left side,
this is the meat that we were eating from.

We also had the chance to talk to the villages about the stories that were circulating about us:

1) that we, and specifically me, were not teaching from the Bible and therefore no one should listen to us, and
2) that I was inviting people to the last conference in February not to learn about Bible storying but rather to receive the mark of the Beast (which would make me or one of the other missionaries helping with the conference the second Beast according to Rev 13).
Fortunately, when we went to one of our villages we had about six people with us who attended the conference in February and so I was able to say to the people there that clearly they do not have the mark of the Beast and therefore the story was false.
As we continued to the other villages to coordinate for the 5-day training and to talk to them about these stories they all assured us that they do not believe them and would gladly come to the training to learn about the Word of God.  These incidents are exactly why we are having these trainings and village visits.  It is to teach the people what the Bible says so that they can compare that to what they are being told.  Please pray with me that this pastor stop going to all of our villages and sowing discord among them.  I don’t believe I’ve ever met this man and so I don’t understand the basis of his stories but because he is a pastor and carries a lot of authority the people believe what he says…or at least they’re telling me that they did but not anymore.  Prayerfully they will still continue with us as we try and minister to them.
Lastly, I would ask if you would join with us in prayer for the 5-day training from March 11 to 15.
1)  That whole families would attend and there be no hindrances to prevent them from coming.
2)  That the attendees will be able to grasp and retain what they are learning and not only be able to use it when they return home but be transformed by it.
3)  Safety for our boat drivers as they travel back and forth to return the people to their villages.
God  bless each of you and thank you again for your faithfulness in keeping us in prayer.
Always For His Glory,
Sharon Malcolm

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