Sunday Morning Prophetic Words

These two prophetic words were given on Sunday, June 21st, 2020. We are posting them here, upon request, for anyone to view and study at their leisure.

Gail Oakley Word

BACKGROUND: This word was given to Pastor Jack by Gail Okley who, with her husband, heads up a major intercessory prayer movement in the Valley.  She submitted it to her pastor, Kent Yorgey, from New Beginnings church in Allentown.  And they both felt it particularly needed to be shared with me.  

“The church is being called to move into position.  I hear Ephesians 2:6:  (by grace you have been saved), and raised us up with Him, and seated us with Him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus,  The enemy is His footstool.  We need to take our rightful place.  I saw in a vision a lot of angels with harvest sickles in hands but the sickles were turned down and resting on the ground.  And they were waiting, waiting to go, to be sent forth.  So I said, “Lord why are they not sent forth yet?  The Lord said, “In some lands they have gone forth but not yet where you are.”  So I said, “Lord why the delay here?”  God said, “Peoples’ hearts are not ready yet. The divisions show that there is a people focus and not a God focus.  Keep praying.” God says, “Bless, Bless Bless your enemies.  Bless and do not curse.  Your focus must not be flesh.  It must be me.  Bless, Bless, Bless.  Do not fight and accuse.  Bless with Love.  Here the word of the Lord.  Love is calling out to you now.  Sow Love.  Let them see Love and compassion.  Only love will win.  Love is the oil that must burn brightly so that the light of my face can be seen in you.  Nothing else!  To whom much is given, much is required.  I am requiring love.  The church must repent of a wrong focus.  Within the church there is a focus on flesh.  The church must cry out to God with blessing for our enemies.  Only a church in love can release the angels for harvest.”  


Frank Ackerman Word

BACKGROUND: This word was shared with Pastor Bob Rentler over the phone in early June. Bob transcribed it and passed it along to Pastor Jack, who shared in the Sunday service.

“I was on my back porch before sunrise; it was peaceful, beautiful. You could hear some of the birds just beginning to chirp. But it was unbelievably peaceful, calm, almost Supernatural. And it was as though the Lord said “this is my peace…” Then some of the other noisier birds begin to coo and caw, and then the traffic could be heard in the distance, and everything was getting noisy. The calm peaceful moment was interrupted. And then the Lord said you won’t find my peace out here in the world. But my peace, that indescribable peace, can’t be found in the world. And then the Lord said now “be ready.” Not “get ready.” You’ve had already had time to get ready. Now, ”be ready” for the bride groom. For the time of the bride groom has come.”