habits for life transformation in the Way of Jesus

who are you becoming?

Each of us has a way of living. Ingrained patterns of thinking, feeling and acting that shape our growth.

We know we were created for more.

But information alone is powerless to change us. To be transformed, we need a different way to live.

Jesus invites us to learn from him so we can be like him.

We do this by practicing the habits of his own life as a community. 

Walk with us as we follow Jesus on a three-month adventure in his Way.

The Sabbath Practice

August 27 – September 30

The Sabbath is a twenty-four-hour time period set aside to stop, rest, delight, and worship. In our era of chronic exhaustion, emotional unhealth, and spiritual stagnation, few things are more necessary than the recovery of this ancient practice.

Upcoming Practices:

Prayer (October 1 – October 28)

Fasting (October 29 – November 19)


how it works

Each Practice is a four week experience we will pursue as a whole church using curricula provided by Practicing the Way. Our sermon series will follow the topics of each week of the current Practice. But to really see change in your life you need to be part of a small group that is walking this out together.

Each week of the initiative, groups across the Lehigh Valley gather to eat, learn and discuss, then each person will spend the next days intentionally integrating the teaching into their life through spiritual and practical exercises. Before the next gathering, you can spend time reflecting with God and others, and potentially engage with additional resources such as the Rule of Life Podcast and recommended reading.

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