We are very excited to announce an addition to our pastoral staff.

Effective in 2019, Pastor Ian Martin will join us as a full-time Associate Pastor, with primary responsibility for our Macungie Campus and Young Adult ministry across all of NC4.

Ian is the son of our missionaries to Betel-UK, Kent & Mary Alice Martin.  Ian was born in Bethlehem, PA and dedicated here at NC4. Since the age of three he has lived in Spain, the UK, South Africa and, for the past 2 years, Prague in the Czech Republic.

Ian has been married to Celina for 9 years and they have a beautiful 3-month-old daughter, Nia.  They currently serve as Directors of Discipleship at the International Church of Prague, where Ian is also serving as a teaching pastor.  Additionally, they oversee youth ministry, community outreach and small groups. They are both musically gifted and multi-lingual, including being fluent in Spanish.

Ian & Celina have invested in many years of education preparing for this calling. They have attended Oxford University for theological & pastoral studies and earned certificates in apologetics at the Oxford Center’s Ravi Zacharias International School of Ministry.  Ian also has a master’s degree in the History of Christianity and has a real appreciation for and love of church history, including the work of the Moravians.


Pastor Mike Dunstan has been serving as the NC4 Macungie campus pastor since its launch in May 2016. At the elders’ request, Pastor Mike’s original commitment was to oversee the start-up and pastor this location for two years.  With that in view, the NC4 Elder Board has been working to select his successor, while Pastor Mike has continued to faithfully serve beyond that original commitment.  He is committed to ensure a smooth transition before returning to the Bethlehem Campus.

The process of identifying future leaders of NC4 has been going on for several years.  The vetting of Ian & Celina has been underway for 6 months.  The elders believe that the Martins are called to NC4 at this time and it has been confirmed by several apostolic leaders across the globe.

We have a strong sense that our Macungie Campus is poised for growth and we believe Ian & Celina are called to be an integral part of leading that growth.  Additionally, if you recall from our 2018 Vision Sunday presentation, our smallest demographic group is young adults and we said we intend to change that.  Ian & Celina will bring a fresh perspective, time, and energy to minister to and grow that group.


The Martins are young but mature beyond their years.  They will need our support to acclimate to life in America.  They will be visiting with us in October 2018 and are looking forward to having the opportunity to meet many of you.  They will also be house-hunting in the Macungie area.

The exact start date is dependent upon immigration and residency documents, so we ask for your prayers for Ian, Celina, and Nia, and for favor with authorities.


During this transition, we value your prayers, specifically in the following areas:

  • Pray for favor with the immigration process. Our hope is to be able to welcome the Martins early in 2019. However, we are aware that this process can often experience protracted delays.
  • Pray for the Martins as they prepare to make a significant change in their lives and that they are able to assimilate well into the Lehigh Valley area, American culture, and our NC4 church body.
  • Pray for the elders and leaders of NC4 as they navigate this transitional period, including realignment of roles and responsibilities for several leaders.
  • Pray for the financial resources to support this investment in the future.

We will keep you posted on their progress and we hope you share our enthusiasm about the future of NC4.

Thank you,

The Elders of NC4