NC4 Kids

We are a family committed to discipling mature kingdom entrepreneurs.

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Upcoming Events

We love to spend time together and regularly have family events throughout the year. From hikes to ice skating to picnics, we have a lot of fun!

New Here?

We want you to feel comfortable and have your questions answered! Take a look at any of the links on the right to help you understand Sunday mornings at NC4.

We operate like family, meaning we remind each other of our Core Values regularly.

We are committed. We each have skin in the game as we run the race Jesus set before us.

Entrepreneurs take risks. We believe in giving our kids the same opportunities to grow as our adults, so they learn to serve as a vital part of the church.

Parent Handbook

Read all about our safety practices, classroom expectations, and more.

Child Check In

On Sunday morning, children need to wear a printed nametag. Parents keep parent tag to give to teacher when they pick their child up.


Nursery through grade 5 learn with the Gospel Project Curriculum on a Sunday morning.

What Are They Learning in Sunday School?


From Nursery through 5th grade, students are split up into varying age groups at each campus. But they all use The Gospel Project curriculum and stay at the same pace.

If you would like to more info on what the kids are currently learning in The Gospel Project, please click the curriculum link above. To be added to our parent emails, please email

In the 6th-8th Grade Sunday school class, we spend time talking about the basics of faith and how to follow Jesus in today’s culture. Who is Jesus? Who am I?

We believe that at this age, students have many questions and it’s important to be able to discuss those questions, while using the Bible as a solid foundation of truth.

If you would like to see what they’re currently learning, please click HERE.

For more info on youth events, see our Youth Page.

Our High Schoolers (9th-12th grade) stay in service to hear the sermon or serve in the church. If you look around, you’ll see High School students serving on worship team, on sound or tech, as greeters, or even teaching kids in Sunday School.

On the last Sunday of every month, they have “Breakfast Club” in the Fellowship Hall. They eat breakfast food and discuss theology and questions from previous sermons.

For more info on youth events, see our Youth Page.

Share a Testimony

We love to hear what God is doing in and through our kids!

It could be that they memorized a Bible verse, had a positive interaction with a peer, blessed a neighbor, implemented something from a lesson, prayed for someone…anything that you think is noteworthy, we want to celebrate with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am attending a different campus each week at the beginning?

We try to keep the age groups learning the same content at each campus. This way, we can all be consistent and on the same page! We encourage you to pick a campus and plug in, that way you and your children can build lasting relationships.

Can I check my children in to Sunday School before coming to church?

No. You’ll need to check them in once you get to church, either before worship begins or as soon as children are dismissed to Sunday School. This way, we have a true representation of the children present in each building.

Do children have a separate worship time?

No, children have always participated with their parents in the sanctuary during worship. We have worship bulletins available for young children to color. We encourage children to engage in worship with their parents as much as possible. There is no junior Holy Spirit and we believe it is important for the kids to see the adults in their lives worship God and engage His manifest Presence.

What are the requirements for the adults assisting or teaching on a Sunday morning?

All of our adult volunteers that work with children must get clearances and keep them up to date. We train them in our Child Sexual Abuse Prevention policies. There is a Teacher and an Assistant in every classroom. In classrooms and hallways during Sunday School, we have policies in place to ensure that an adult is never alone and out of sight with a child. During Sunday School, adults are not allowed to use the bathrooms in the Sunday School area. Only a parent is allowed to change their child’s diaper or help them in the bathroom if necessary.

If I (the parent) am needed during Sunday School, how will I know?

When your child checks in, they are printed a nametag with a 3 digit number. They put on the nametag and you keep the parent tags at the bottom to use when you pick your child up at the end of Sunday School. In our Bethlehem campus, there is a small LED screen to the top RIGHT of the stage that will display your child’s 3 digit number if you are needed for any reason during Sunday School. In our Macungie campus, you will receive a text message from CCB (the software that the church uses to check children in and take attendance, among other things). When notified, please immediately go to your child’s classroom.

Are there any events for kids in 5th grade or younger other than Sunday mornings?

Yes, we try to have “family events” once a quarter where all ages can enjoy an outing together. We have done ice skating, church picnics, hikes, and more. Check the Events page of our website for more information.