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A Brief Thought from Pastor Elle:
Have you been watching The Chosen tv series? I love it!!! It so captures the heart of the Jesus I know and helps Him come alive to those who may not know Him. There’s this one scene in a Season 3 episode where Jesus is in his hometown and gets up to read from Isaiah and declares “Today this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing and in your presence”. They were so mad that he declared himself the Messiah that they chased him to the edge of town and almost threw him off a cliff!! (read John 4 for more…) It made me think that sometimes I myself grow too familiar with Jesus…meaning I think I know everything there is to know about him. What if He wants to show me even more of His nature? I pray we all have open hearts for more of Jesus.

Important Reminder for Bethlehem: The Nursery (for ages 6 months -2 years old) started being staffed on January 8th and is currently open. It is located in Room #1 in the 1st Floor Hallway. Please be sure to check your children in at the check in station in the lobby!

This week, we start Unit 16! Have you ever felt far away from God? The people were far away from the land God had given them, but they were not far from the God who had given it. We see God at work through the prophet Jeremiah, who encouraged God’s people. We may remember the story about Daniel in the lion’s den but Daniel was faithful to God in all things while in exile, whether it was what he was eating or delivering a hard message to the king of Babylon and God blessed him. Even in exile, God was present with His people and promised them that one day, they would return to the land, and when they did, they would return to Him as well. Each day, we have a choice to turn our hearts towards Jesus, who is “God with us”, and walk in deep abiding relationship with Him.

Last week (January 15, 2023) in Unit 15 Session #4, we were reminded that EVERY PERSON MATTERS by reading our key passage of Psalm 139.

  • CHRIST CONNECTION: Every person matters. God created us and cares for us. He sent His Son, Jesus, to save us from our sins. As we love and follow God, He calls us to love others and show respect to everyone.



This week (January 22, 2023) in Unit 16 Session #1, we learn that JEREMIAH ENCOURAGED GOD’S PEOPLE in Jeremiah 29-30.

  • CHRIST CONNECTION: God did not abandon His people. The prophet Jeremiah encouraged God’s people. He said God was going to save His people from captivity and raise up a new King—a forever King—from David’s family.
  • KEY PASSAGE: “The Lord your God is among you, a might warrior who saves. He will rejoice over you with gladness. He will quiet you in His love. He will delight in you with singing.” Zephaniah 3:17 (CSB)
  • BIG PICTURE QUESTION: Where is God? God is in all places at all times and is always with His people.


Use the featured questions pertaining to this coming week’s lesson to discuss this with your children more!

Want to help your child learn the Old Testament books of the Bible? Check it out: Old Testament Books of the Bible Song.

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As we dig into God’s word, we see His great story, learn more and more about His consistent character, and experience His GREAT love for us!

Pastor Elle