Adults need fun too!

On Wednesday nights, as part of NC4’s Family Nite, there are multiple options available for adults. Parents of elementary aged kids are required to stick around. Parents of youth group age kids can drop and go. People who find the NC4 Bethlehem campus and Wednesday nights to be most assessable can join in too!

All groups run on the same schedule as Family Nite: 6:30PM-8:30PM.

The Adult Class

  • Different topic & speaker each week
  • You DO NOT need to be a parent to attend
  • Bring a friend!

Quiet Zone

  • Quiet, no talking zone
  • Perfect for working or reading

Hang Out Zone

  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • No structure – just connect over a cup of coffee

Prayer Zone

  • Unstructured, open space to pray
  • Pray for each other or individually

William Penn Cooking Class

  • Private cooking class for WPE parents
  • Learn to cook healthy meals on a budget
  • By invite only