Eagle Season Prophetic Words

Recently, NC4 has been receiving quite a few prophetic words through different trusted voices. Most of them have been shared with the congregation during a Sunday service. Many of you have been asking that we make these words easily available in order that you might review and contemplate them. So, below are a few prophetic words which are representative of what God has been speaking to us as a church in this very unusual season.  This list is not comprehensive but a sampling of what I would call “An Eagle Season.”   The prophecies are a signal of the gathering of a new season.  Pray for wisdom and strategic fulfillment as we emerge from this crisis.

– Pastor Jack, April 2020

List of Prophetic Words

Here is a short list of the prophetic words we are including as part of the Eagle Season words, listed in chronological order. Click on the title to jump to the full word.

John Kilman 10/7/2019

There’s a mantel on the body of New Covenant that needs to be received.  (When he says received he means agreed upon and pursued to live in the overflow of a greater wisdom, first out of a place of being in his presence needing nothing to buffer our pursuit of him) There needs to be an agreement of identity in the mantle that says you are an open heaven.  The mantle the Lord wants to give you his Revelations 3 the faithful Church.  I’ve seen the reality of this in this body and I’ve been drawn to it since I began to come here at New Covenant.  Because the Lord is unchanging and he is past present and future yet outside of time,  he is honoring the lineage and the trajectory of this church now in the present because he’s seen in our future we are a faithful Church who honors the presence of God.  

Every prophetic word needs to be received in order to become it.  Right now, the obstacle for New Covenant, congregationaly, is contentment in Christ.  So many other things in our individual lives have vied for our attention and not only have they vied but they’ve succeeded and taking our eyes off of the truth of who he is and who he is and us.   When you have achurch who believes in the supernatural but as a body and a whole has lost the vibrancy of their love life with Christ we have nothing but supernatural religion.  The lord loves you, and the lord loves this body of believers.  His potential is your potential.  His reality is your potential. In humility let him lift the veil off of his bride and tell her everything she is and everything she’s not. 

We are wedded to him.

Denny Cramer 3/25/2020

“Blessings, blessings, blessings are coming for New Covenant.  Miracles, miracles, miracles and signs and wonders.  So many are coming.  You need to make a record of them.”

Ekom Uko 3/30/2020

“I saw a vision of an eagle coming out of someone’s mouth and heard the words, “RELEASE THE EAGLE.”  That reminded me of a drawing I had made.  God was saying an eagle will usher the masses to the cross.  The Eagle is the church.”

Dale Mast 4/4/2020

I believe God is saying to Grubby and to the church in Bethlehem, I felt like this: 

I felt like I literally saw an eagle flying over Bethlehem.  The Lord says, This is going to be a time, an eagle season and the strength of those that wait upon the Lord, the Lord said, this is going to be a time of emerging vision, this eagle is flying over and as it flew over you just looked up into the heavens and God says as you look into the heavens it will be a time of signs and wonders and Lord I thank you, I thank you for that anointing that is coming forth right now in Jesus name. 

And I felt like this – God said, I felt like I saw this son stand up in the spirit and the Lord said, I’m bringing a son up in the spirit.  God Bless you. “

Sarah Reese 4/8/2020

I saw a simple kitchen faucet that was pouring a rainbow out of the faucet and it kept flowing harder and harder and faster and faster and as it got to flow more…there was a bulge in the faucet and suddenly the faucet burst and from it, the rainbow exploded into tiny little  rainbow particles that created an intense explosion of varied colored light as well.  I may draw it eventually, but as I prayed on it more and more, I just felt this.  

I felt like it was God showing how he will be pouring out His promises, goodness and hope that will not only overflow into our church body but will also pour OUT of our church body, into the community in a way that we can’t even comprehend how far it will reach.  But, it will all shine the glory of God that’s undeniable. “

Sandra Falkenstine 4/11/2020

The word “reset” means to set again or differently; i.e. To reset that which was broken. This time of the “divine pause” has been a “reset” time for humanity. The greatest “reset” of all history was the day that Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead. Get ready for the new: new priorities, new awareness, new ways of doing life. What is ahead of us is not the same as that which is behind us. “

John Kilman 4/12/2020

Last night at 2:30 Leah and I were awakened.  I went to the bathroom and looked out the window and saw flashes of lighting in the distance.  It showed on the weather that the storm would be over our house around 3am.   
The lightning and thunder did not stop or pause.  It did not cease as if it were in procession for a king.  It sounded like wheels rolling upon the earth.  Non-stop rumbles accompanied by periods of rain.  It was more a lightning storm.   
Leah and I realized it was Passover and we began to pray.  We both looked at each other and confirmed with each other that we felt the lord was in the storm.   
The glory of the lord has come to do everything he said he would do.  He came like a thief in the night cloaked in power riding upon his holy throne to bring amongst us the greatest awakening the earth has ever seen.  The lord was in that storm. It wasn’t a storm, it was the throne Ezekiel saw that transported the glory of God back to the temple.  
I woke up this morning and felt something new in the air.  Like a resting purity that was left in the aftermath of his passing over us.  A clarity and awareness that something had been deposited to us in the night.  An awareness of the resting presence of God in the earth. 
The anointings in the land have officially been awakened.  The lord watered the earth last night for miracle change and miracle growth.  The greatest time in history is surely upon us.  The lord came last night with A judgement of purity to reveal all things as they should be in Christ.  He pruned every withering branch with a word and he is calling out of kings and queens upon the earth for those who have ears to hear to respond and walk in kingly inheritance in Christ. To walk in a manner worthy of the calling of Christ.  The righteous will shine forth in miraculous glory.  We have entered a new era of ever-increasing glory until the coming of Christ.  The new time that is in our midst is the time of Glory 
A time of holy change. A time of reformation. A time of refreshing.  A time of awakening.   
Passover was April 8th.  8 means new beginnings.  At the conclusion of April 7th, 7 means completion.  We are in our 4th month, 4 means creation.  We can literally interpret this that on the dawn of a new day the lord has literally created a new time with a new way for his people to handle the capacity of his glory on the earth.  Surely everything has changed declares the lord. “

Laura Mounts 4/14/2020

Signs and wonders have been things spoken over the Lehigh Valley and NC4. We declared as a body that the future is now, we are in what has been spoken over us.  And I believe Trish mentioned (when she shared with my connect group what Denny had said) that she was starting to record even the small miracles she was seeing happen or experiencing.  

I shared with Trish a few weeks ago that I was looking out of my bathroom window and I was looking at the apple tree that had no blooms on it, it’s branches bare. And I saw in the middle of the tree a vibrant red cardinal. And I realized that if the tree had been full of leaves and blossoms, I wouldn’t have been able to see it. I really feel like this stripping bare season has positioned us to have that clear vision that was prophesied over us, and if we steward the small things, if we keep looking up with our eyes and ears open and keep track of these miracles, we’ll be in a position to receive all of the promises He’s spoken, all of His glory. “