As things continue to change around the COVID-19 situation, we will be keeping abreast of Pennsylvania recommendations and requirements around public gatherings. You can expect us to be posting updates on this page regarding any NC4 event or service cancelations.

Update as of 5/16/2021

As of Sunday, 5/192021, NC4 moved to Phase 4 Guidelines.  


Dear NC4 Family,

Sunday, May 16th, will mark the beginning of Phase IV of our COVID prevention guidelines. We are confident that we can safely take this next step in relaxing our protocols. Infection rates are way down, and immunity grows every day. We continue to have excellent ventilation safeguards in place in our facilities. We recognize that some people are very comfortable relaxing protocols while others still have reason for concern. We have reached a point where we believe that the decisions about what precautions are taken are shifting from us to you to choose what protections are best for you and your family. To that end, we still want to be respectful and accommodating to those with ongoing concerns, to provide safe space and comfortable interactions. The changes we are making are outlined below.

We know this has been a very trying season. Every decision we have made has been bathed in prayer and guided by the best advice available; nevertheless, not one decision has made everybody happy. Our intention from the beginning has been to do whatever we could to provide in-person Sunday services while keeping everyone safe. We want everyone back in person worshipping together. We remain committed to that goal. It’s so important to our spiritual and emotional health, and we are commanded by the Lord to do so. We need each other, and with these next steps, we’ll be able to praise Him a little louder and see more smiling faces to brighten our day and bless one another.

Thank you to everyone for your understanding and continuing cooperation.

In Christ,
The Elders of NC4

NC4 Phase IV COVID Protocols Effective 5/16/21

Two Seating Areas in Each Sanctuary (Bethlehem & Macungie)
1) One Area with no social distancing and optional masks for those who have no reason to be concerned. No masks are required in this area throughout the entire service (including singing). The “Families With Young Children Area” remains.
2) A second Area with socially distanced seating using every other row and leaving 2 open seats between those who do not already socialize outside of church. Masks when singing are still required in this area but can be removed when seated and not singing if so desired.

Please be respectful by asking permission before shaking hands or hugging. There is no judgment for those who do not yet feel comfortable to unmask or have close contact.

Use of air purification systems, maximum fresh air, and special filters on HVAC systems and open windows continue.

Symptomatic or Recently Exposed?
If you have any COVID symptoms or have been recently exposed to someone with COVID, please watch the service on Livestream from home.

Masks are optional when entering, exiting, and when not in your seats.