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NC4 Women’s ministry has a special initiative that focuses on connection through one of our favorite ways to relax: with a warm drink in our hand and surrounded by good conversation.  Coffee and Convo events meet at various locations throughout the Valley and different times throughout the year. Keep an eye on the monthly event calendar and an ear to social media for when the next Coffee & Convo meet-up is happening! If you’re interested in being a part of a hosting team or setting up for any of these gatherings, please reach out to Sarah Reese for more info.

“I have been attending NC4 for over 10 years and really only know my group of friends. This is a great opportunity to meet new people and make more friends”

NC4 Member

Things To Note

  • Non-coffee Drinkers: you will NOT be required to drink coffee!! (tea, water and other beverages will be available) 🙂
  • Meet-ups are scheduled at different times and days of the week throughout the year, usually about once a quarter. This is certainly something you can get involved with, even if you have a Connect Group you regularly attend.
  • Meet-ups are structured to be in a fun, relaxed atmosphere and pop up at locations throughout the Lehigh Valley.
  • These events are open to any and all women (ages 15+)
  • A big focus for this initiative is meeting people and making more friends. So, be intentional about who you connect with at these events. Some of your favorite friends may be there, but these meet-ups are purposed to get to know women in the church you may not have had the pleasure of really interacting with before.