The meeting at the Erickson’s went very well.

Jack shared the latest timing on the new campus (Fall of 2016) and that Wellspring church’s (currently housing Beit Simcha) closing may displace Beit Simcha in the interim.
Discussion involved looking for possible place for us to meet out there in early 2016 through until the new campus opening.  Several people volunteered to investigate some options, naming various community buildings they will contact to inquire.
There were a few questions about what it would mean to be involved with a ministerial or service team for the campus. Although we’ll need to define this further, right now we see it as Worship, Prayer and Sunday School ministry coordinators (under the NC4 Bethlehem directorship) for the ministerial team and things like building openers, greeters, ushers, clean-up, etc. for the Service team.