Amelia in traditional dress for the Ashenikas

     A team from Virginia came to help start 16 family gardens in three Ashenika Indian villages.  It was a project that I had wanted to do for a long time so that the people would have food security and improved health through the benefits of the vegetables grown.  It also has the potential of being a small business to help supplement their income.

As we worked with the different families there was great excitement and anticipation for their new project and so the people were fully engaged in planting their seeds.  In each garden we planted lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers and cilantro.  Each of these have vitamins and minerals that help improve eye sight, blood, immune systems, muscles and bones.

Children helping to plant vegetables for their school’s garden
Sharon instructing how to plant, water and fertilize the plants
Team helping put of roof of leaves over the garden plot to
protect from strong sunlight and heavy rain.
Man dividing his garden plot into sections and
measuring with his fingers how far apart to plant his seeds.
     Along with this project we also had church services each night to share the Word of God with the people and give them the opportunity to receive Christ.  Gloriously we had five people give their hearts to the Lord and several others rededicate their lives to Him.  Please pray with us that these new converts will learn quickly how to walk in the Lord and be protected from the enemy as they do.
Pastor Dale Hewitt from Virginia sharing the Word of God with the people
and Sharon translating.
What’s Next?
   1)  Maria and I will be traveling this Friday to Thursday to the Shishinahua River to start a Bible Institute for the people of San Francisco, the new church that was started in May of this year.  Nilton, one of the village leaders, is ready to become their spiritual leader as well in the form of being their pastor.  Therefore we will be traveling to his village to start the training for him as soon as possible. He has invited others from the neighboring villages to take advantage of this training and so I am expecting to have a great class.
    2)  In October we will be traveling by boat for two days to meet several Condozi villages that are either Christian but very weak in their faith or not Christian at all.  Both need the love of the Lord so please keep these dear people in prayer as you think of them.
    3)  The Ashenika villages where we did the family gardens also want to be trained in the Institute and so we will do our best to bring it to them as well.
    I would like to ask you to please keep us in prayer for all the travel that we do and all the people that we will reach.  Great things are happening as we join together in prayer for the lost and struggling so let us continue the fight to bring people into the Kingdom in full measure!  God bless each of you in every way and thank you so very much for being part of this vital ministry.
Yours in Christ,
Sharon Malcolm

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