9 Water Filters Completed in October 8th

for the Cocamarillo Indians

Cocama-Comacamilla Indians of the village of October 8th
                       The trip to the village of October 8th was a glorious success in that we finished 9 of the 11 bio-sand water filters we set out to do.  The remaining two will be done by one of the village leaders because the families were not able to wash their sand while we were there.
People washing sand for water filters
Carrying washed sand to their house
          The process of doing a project like this allows us to form lasting relationships with the people in the village and have the opportunity to witness and pray with each family as we install their water filters.  This was the case in this community and the result was that two more families prayed to accept the Lord!
Testing the flow rate of the filter and then praying with this family to accept Christ.
           On my first visit several people of the 16 families that live in this village asked Jesus to come into their hearts and I left them with Bibles and short Bible studies to do together since there is no pastor or church and some were actually doing it. 
            The next visit brought in a few more to the Kingdom and this visit brought still more.  The seeds that are planted with each visit need to be watered and cared for in order for them to take root and grow.  This is what I am praying for with the village leader who is the only strong Christian in this community who’s name is Melchizedek.  This man had a very dramatic conversion and so after only living in the village for two years he not only has a heart for the people but was actually elected by them to be one of their village leaders.  He has proven to be a wonderful example of integrity and commitment to the Lord, his family and his community and so it is my prayer that the Lord will continue to use him to reach these precious people with the Truth and lead them in the things of God.  Please keep Melchizedek in prayer with me so that he can be the spiritual leader as well as the physical leader for this village.

            We will be traveling again next Monday, November 14 to the 18th to the Shishinahua River to meet with and invite the villages that we have been working with to the 5-day training that will start on the 19th.  Would you keep us in prayer so that as we travel we will be safe under the  mighty hand of the Lord?  Also, so that everyone will receive all that the Lord wants to give them through this training and that it will be presented very clearly to the people so that they can understand and use what they are learning.

            I want to thank each of you who are standing in the gap with me for this work through your prayers, encouragement and financial giving.  I pray the Lord’s blessing on you in every way as together we share in the reward of the Savior’s suffering through seeing souls come into the Kingdom.
Your Co-laborer in the Harvest,
Sharon Malcolm

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