2-Day Training on the Nucuray River

L to R:  Kim, Alicia, Charis and Donna doing children’s ministry in the villages

A team of four young women from a supporting church and I went to the Nucuray River to do a 2-day training for the only two Christian churches on this river.  The purpose was to equip and encourage the believers to go out and reach their unsaved village neighbors with the love of Christ.

We also did evangelistic outreaches to two of the un-churched villages near them and they expressed a strong desire to have a church established in their communities as well.  We are diligently working toward bringing that about through training leaders in these villages that can lead a Bible study and initiate church meetings.  In the meantime we are encouraging the two Christian churches to visit these villages to help and guide them as they grow.

There is much work to be done on this river but step by step we are gaining ground and establishing the Kingdom of God in this area.  Please pray strongly with us to complete this task and see the Body of Christ firmly rooted on this river.  Truly the harvest is great but the workers are few.

Sharon training the village of Huancayo y Progreso

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