“A” is serving as a missionary in a middle eastern country through Eastern Mennonite Missions. She is supported by a Missionary Support Team, and receives both prayer and financial support through partners and the generosity of NC4 and other mission-minded congregations.  A., is blessed to report that her two-year budget is now fully funded. More importantly, A. is newly married to a man who shares her vision of evangelism through fellowship and hospitality. A., is a teacher in a school and lives in the community where she works.  She extends hospitality and makes friends while living the life of Christ in front of her Muslim neighbors. A., has a heart for Muslim women and children. In her first two years in the Middle East, she learned Arabic. Now in her third year, A. gets to use her new language skills to learn more about the needs of the people in her community. She wants and needs your prayers for her daily provision.

Support "A"

Select “Missions” under Giving Type; enter “A” in the memo field, or send financial support to:
EMM, P.O. Box 458, Salunga, PA 175381; checks can be made payable to EMM and designated for the support of “A” (NC4 can supply the necessary information). You may also give directly through EMM www.emm.org, select “Donate Online”.