Lubuto Update
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Friday, 25 July 2014 13:43
I am finally got home and getting adjusted. Thank you for your time and the love
you showed. We are indeed grateful for the shared moments, gifts, rides, meals
and all. When I arrived at 3PM local time in Lusaka the next day, it was much
cooler than New York. I actually needed a Jacket. Ice age? .
Anyway, I am already in the think of things. I got a call to meet with the new
mayor yesterday over some controversy going with the building we are using for
church. I use the opportunity to preach Jesus and present him with a bible and he
wants to come to church when we ask him. He has asked me to interactive with
him and I do hope to use this to build the kingdom, one brick at a time. I asked
him to grace the Raphael medical team when they arrive in March 2015. Keep
us in prayer someone is interested in facility we are using. Pray that we get a
response from the Ministry of lands for our church soon.
My further request to you is if you can pray with me that God to give me the
heathen and the uttermost parts of the earth for a possession as promised in
Psalms chapter 2 verse 8. I hunger for souls. It’s the only thing that causes
angels to rejoice in heaven. It’s not the acquisition of money, not the building
of new grand homes, or the purchase of a new car as good as these might be but
it is when one soul repents (Luke 15:10). We can do this I believe we can make
heaven’s angels have a party everyday as we bring in new souls daily.
For now thank you so much. Please keep in touch. We are a new ministry so all
the help we can get is most welcome.
Here is my first 2014 ‘Nsofu united’ Sunday 20th
(She has been trying to teach us on how to write some Chinese characters) and
Jesse based in Lusaka. Olive leaves for China end of August.
Shalom to you all
Lubuto Nsofu
Thank You Shawi Indians Conference
Written by Sharon Malcolm
Thursday, 24 July 2014 16:33

PERUSING PERU  Pastor’s and Shawi Indian Conferences

I want to thank all of you that prayed and contributed to the pastor’s and Shawi Indian
conferences that took place from June 25 to July 1. It was a tremendous time of revelation,
ministry and change for adults and children. Pastor Jack Groblewski, senior pastor of New
Covenant Christian Community in Bethlehem, PA and Eric Frank, an elder of New Covenant
shared their hearts with pastors and leaders from 13 different churches in Yurimaguas, the town
where I live in Perú.
The profound revelation of the Word that Pastor Jack shared and the teachings of Biblical
principles that Eric Frank brought seem to be life changing for all that attended. The ministry that
each one brought was significant enough to shift the ground in the leaders of these churches to
make a lasting change in their perspective on their calling, ministry to the Body of Christ and to
the community as a whole. When joined together the impact of these changes lived out could be
explosive in changing the city where we live!
I am believing for this explosion and am trying to meet with the vice-president of the
network of these churches to see what we could do collectively to firmly establish the Kingdom of
God in Yurimaguas.
The Shawi Indian conference proved to be just as effective although distinctly different in
focus. While the pastor’s conference was directed at educated and ministry-experienced church
leaders the Shawi conference addressed a more primitive people, who live in grass-roofed huts and
whose reading level may only reach the sixth grade. However, the Shawis were very hungry for the
Word of God and eager to know how to apply it to their daily lives.
Eric did an amazing job in teaching the children. His lessons were very clear and direct with
lots of fun activities to reinforce and help retain the main points of the Bible lesson he was
teaching. Shawis normally do not draw attention to themselves publically but after only a short
time Eric had the children fully participating in several games and scripture memorization. It is
vital for the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the villages that the children as well as the
adults understand Biblical principles and how to apply them in their daily lives. I believe this was
done by both Pastor Jack and Eric in each of their areas of ministry to the Shawis.
I can’t thank New Covenant enough for the sending Pastor Jack and Eric to Perú to minister
so completely and diversly to these two extremes of people. I also want to express my deepest
gratitude to all of you who stood in the gap in intercession for these conferences so that so many
lives were distinctly touched by the Holy Spirit. God bless each of you for joining with me in this
incredible outreach in discipling and advancing the Kingdom of God in the city and in the villages.

Your Co-laborer in the Kingdom,

Sharon Malcolm

Go To Nations

Missionary to Perú

Shawi Pastor Conference
Written by Sharon Malcolm
Tuesday, 24 June 2014 11:33

Dear Prayer Warriors,

            I am writing to give you an update on the last trip to the Shishinahua River.  The purpose of the trip was to continue with the discipleship classes in the three villages were we’ve been working: Santa Clara, Santa Rosa and Yarina.  The focus this time was on some of their beliefs that keep them from fully trusting in the Lord.  This time it was on the belief that plants and trees have spirits and that these spirits have the ability to heal and drive out other spirits that are causing sickness or pain.  We saw an example of this on a recent visit to the village of Santa Clara where the husband of the household was lightly striking his wife’s back with a branch of leaves to drive out the spirit that was causing her pain.  The leafy branch was believed to have certain powers that would not only heal his wife of her ailment but also drive out the spirit that was causing it. 

            In our discipleship meetings we spoke frankly on the error of this belief and affirmed once again that there is no other power greater than God. He is the supreme power and that the plants and trees were created by Him and therefore could not have more power than Him.  We did make clear however, that certain plants have medicinal purposes and will certainly bring healing if used correctly but it is not a spirit in them that does it, but rather the qualities that God had made plants to have.  The people listened very attentively and asked questions in their language to Maria, the Shawi missionary that travels with me about some of what they believed in.  Between us we were able to speak confidently what the Bible says about such things and direct their attention to trusting in the Lord for all of their needs and not other spirits.

            One very encouraging incident occurred while we were there and that is when a couple of the non-Christian women asked me to pray over their sick babies I was able to ask to ask one of our new Christians to join me and she did without hesitation.  I later learned from Maria that just a day or two earlier her daughter was sick and so her husband, who is also a Christian, told her to take their daughter to a witchdoctor to be healed.  This is a very common response to sickness and so even though he was a Christian this was his suggestion.  His wife however, explained that this was wrong and that there was only one God and He is all-powerful (as per what we have been teaching them).  Instead they should pray over their daughter so God would heal her.  Her husband was not willing to do this and still thought they should take her to the witchdoctor but the wife believed God and prayed over her daughter and sure enough her daughter got healed!  After seeing this her husband was completely convinced about what God can do and no longer wants to go to witchdoctors for healing.  Praise God!!

            This gave the woman great confidence in praying with me for one of the sick babies.  When I asked the parents later in the day how the baby was they were able to tell me that she was better.  Praise God for His goodness!



1)   We have two, 3-day conferences coming up June 25, 26, 27 for the pastors in the town where I live in Yurimaguas and a second conference for the Shawi Indians on June 29, 30 and July 1.  Both of these conferences are very important and are strategic in bringing great changes to Yurimaguas and to the villages on the Shishinahua through all who attend.  Please pray for the Lord to move mightily on the people so that they can then be agents of change for others.

2)   The speakers of these conferences are the pastor and an elder from my home church in Bethlehem, PA.  Please pray that the Lord will give them the words to speak to the hearts and minds of all who attend and guide them clearly on how they are to minister to the people.

3)   Please pray for our safety as I go and meet the speakers and as we travel together from the capitol, Lima to the town where I live in Yurimaguas to do the conferences.

4)   Please pray that all the details of coordinating and preparing for the conferences will go well and all the people involved will do their part.


God bless you each of you for your continued prayer support for this work.  I am so very grateful for it and am very aware that it is because of our combined prayer the Lord is able to move so mightily.   I will look forward to giving you a wonderful update after the conferences as we stand in faith together to believe God for great things.


Rich Blessings to You,


Perusing Peru
Written by Sharon Malcolm
Tuesday, 06 May 2014 14:40



After working for seven years traveling to the villages to evangelize, teach the Word of God and encourage the new believers we are now expanding our sphere of influence to reach several other Shawi Indian communities as well through our new radio program called Life in Christ. The program will reach about 15 counties where many of the Shawi Indians live and tune into via their transitor, battery-operated radio. The purpose is to have ongoing Bible studies in the Shawi language to help the Christians and non-Christians grow in their understanding of who Jesus is, what He did for them and how they can live the victorious Christian life.


            The program will air three times a week for 30 minutes with the goal of having it run all year long. Our first airing was on Monday, April 28 and will continue for one month until May 28. This will give us an idea of how the program is being received and what we can do to improve it if it is not. Please pray with me so that the Shawi community will grab hold of this opportunity to learn about the Lord and all that He has done for them as He reveals Himself through the the study of the Word of God.



On our most recent visit to the villages we learned several of the Shawi beliefs concerning Easter Week. They are:


  1. 1)During Holy Week the people were taught that any activity such as washing clothes, bathing and especially working in their fields (since there were evil spirits there) was prohibited.
  2. 2)They believe that Jesus dies every year on Good Friday and so evil spirits are loosed at that time because He is not here to keep them away. Therefore to protect themselves the women paint their babies with a black ink from a certain plant that is very common to their area. Often I have seen babies painted head to toe with this ink, almost as if they were dipped in a pool of black dye. The women would also dye their own hands and feet black and paint bands on their legs and arms and dots, stripes and Xs on their face. Somehow they believe that the ink prevents the evil spirits from entering them or their children.
  3. 3)Lastly, they believe that Jesus rose from the dead on the second day after His death and not the third (I’m not sure why). On this day all the evil spirits that were loosed on Good Friday are now on the run from Jesus because He is alive and well. However, to insure that the spirits are completely dispersed the men shoot off several rounds of their hunting rifles together to make the area is clear and safe for normal activity. The rest of the day would then be a time of celebration through an inter-community soccer game and drinking their fermented social drink called Masato (feremented yucca).

            Fortunately we were able to address some of these false beliefs with the Word of God by first explaining that there is nothing in Scripture that prohibits normal activity during Holy Week and so according to the Bible they are free to resume daily life tasks without consequence. We were also able to show clearly in the Word of God that Jesus only died once and that when He did He destroyed the work of the devil (Rom 6:10; 1 John 3:8). Therefore we, as Christians, have authority over evil spirits and not them over us. In light of this there is no reason to live in fear of Good Friday or any other day.

            The belief of being protected from and scattering evil spirits through black ink and gun shots will have to be addressed more specifically on our next visit. Too much too soon could be overwhelming. What was shared however, was received by very attentive listeners and so I confident that the Lord will continue His work in them to reveal Truth so that they can live in the abundant life that He died to give them.

Along with dispelling the darkness of false beliefs we had the privilege of teaching adults, youth and children the true meaning of Easter through preaching to the adults, an art activity for the youth and a story book for the children.

            Our greatest highlight however, was having 5 people water baptized on Good Friday! Out of all the days they could have done this they were content to do it on a day that they believed was filled with evil spirits. In fact, Miguel (pictured below) dreamt the night before that he was going to die if he got baptized in water (clearly an assault from the enemy) but in spite of his fear he was the first one in the water! He was followed by his wife and 12-year-old son then by Joni, one of our Christian workers and finally by Marcos, the son of the head village leader.

All of these tremendous victories are only possible because we have joined together in prayer and support to bring the Kingdom of God to a land that was once held by the enemy. Dear, precious brothers and sisters in Christ thank you so much for working with me to bring the light of the Gospel to a people who have not heard before. God bless each of you for all that you have done to bring this about.



Lovingly and Gratefully,

Sharon Malcolm


Written by Sharon Malcolm
Monday, 29 November 1999 19:00

Peru newsletter 2I am thrilled to be able to share with you that our second conference for the Shawi Indians held on March 2 to 4 went very well. We had several more people attend this conference because we invited whole families this time to be trained in the Word of God. In the three days that we met together we had teachings for the pre-school, school-age, youth and adults during the day and a church service at night for everyone. This proved to be very effective because it allowed mothers to a part of the teaching since they did not have to care for their pre-school children and it provided for the children and youth to receive teaching on the Word of God at their level.

Peru newsletter 1

Sharon and Maria teaching school-age children how and why to worship

Peru newsletter 3

All children and some of the youth watching a video on the birth of Christ

During our adult sessions we explained who Satan is, where he came from and why there are evil spirits in the world today. Since the Shawi people are very aware of the spirit world we stressed that evil spirits are created beings that chose to follow Lucifer in rebelling against God and were therefore expelled from His presence forever. It was important to stress that they are not more powerful than God or even equal to His power but rather are merely created beings that as Christians we now have authority over. In light of this they no longer have to be afraid of spirits of the deceased trying to enter them or their children or spirits of animals wreaking havoc on their families by the belief that these spirits can enter them or their families causing physical maladies.Peru newsletter 4

Maria and her brother Camilo leading and teaching the people on how to worship


We also had sessions on how to pray and the importance of praise especially as a weapon of warfare. Although we emphasize and practice these themes as much as possible on our river trips to the villages it was worth going over again and dedicating whole sessions to them in the conference. The result of these repeated teachings and practices was amazing because this time when I asked for a volunteer to lead us in prayer three women, one from each of the villages that attended, came up almost immediately to do so! This has never happened before. Shawi Indians do not deliberately draw attention to themselves and the intimidation of not being confident in how to pray has always resulted in a lack of response every other time I have ever asked them do this. Now however, through the knowledge of the Word and the working of the Holy Spirit within them three women (I only asked for one) marched right up front to take their stand in faith to pray as we joined them.


            The next morning I asked again for someone to come up and lead us in prayer for a specific need and this time, without any coaxing, three teenage boys came up and led us in prayer! This was huge because it showed that the Holy Spirit was working on the youth as well as the adults to the point where these boys had enough confidence and faith to be in front of all their peers to lead us in prayer.


            Since we’ve done these conferences people have taken giant leaps forward in their commitment to Christ and have shown great desire to learn more about the things of God. I want you to know that this has come about because of our combined effort to pray, break ground and establish the Kingdom of God in these villages. Strongholds are being destroyed through the knowledge and application of Word on a regular basis. Therefore my brothers and sisters, I want to encourage you to continue in warfare prayer and intercession for these communities because the Lord is doing mighty things through all of us. God bless you over and over again for all that you have done for us and the villages in helping the Word of God go forth to change lives forever.


Reaching the Lost Together,

Sharon Malcolm

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