Sharon's River Trip
Written by Sharon Malcolm
Monday, 29 November 1999 19:00
Dear Prayer Warriors,
The rainy season is in full swing now and the rains are consistent enough to fill the rivers making it possible to travel once again to the villages.  We will be making our first river trip this rainy season to a community called Nuevo Papaplaya on the Yanuyacu River.  I am thrilled to announce that we will be joining with a team from Calvary Chapel in Aurora, Colorado to do bio-sand water filters for 20 families in this village.  Nueva Papaplya is a Spanish village with a strong church however the congregation is in varying stages of growth in the Lord.  Our desire is to minister to this congregation during the evening services through worship, the Word and prayer.
The village also has a Shawi population, of which a few of the Shawi men attend the community church.  The women do not because they don’t speak Spanish.  We will also reach out to them through evangelistic visits and church services that will be translated into Shawi.  In our time together we will give them the opportunity to receive prayer for personal needs and especially to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
The dates of our river travel will be October 21 to 28, a total of 8 days.  Would you pray with us for the following points?
1)   Safety on the river as we travel and no rain while traveling to and from the village.
2)   Every heart and mind be open and receptive to the work of the Holy Spirit as He ministers in the lives of the people during our time together.
3)   Direction and sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit as we minister the Word of God to both the Spanish and Shawi communities so that they receive all that the Lord wants to give them through us.
4)   Protection from anything that would hinder the work such sickness, fatigue or rain.
5)   Anything else that the Lord shows you.
Thank you so very much for standing with us in prayer for this very important ministry and may God richly bless you for your labor of love for the people of Perú.
Your Co-Harvester,

Sharon Malcolm

Elle Joy in Pine Valley
Written by Elle Molinari
Monday, 29 November 1999 19:00

Hello My Dear Church Family,

In this moment, I hold tight to the words of Jesus himself "do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own" (matt. 6:34) Now, I do not know Adelaide personally, but I do know my time here on earth is limited. While I am completely covered by God's gentle grace for me, I may miss opportunities To-day to LOVE if I'm not careful.


Last night, I had the opportunity to make new friends in Northview Heights, a rough district in Pittsburgh. I see their beautiful faces in my mind's eye as I type. I did nothing earth shattering. We simply sang some songs, shared about Jesus, and played some games. As the children forced their way onto my lap and into my heart, we just were there. Present. Available.


I met an adorable little girl who I will call Kali. She was 5 years old and began crying at any loud noise (we had some music playing and a microphone hooked up). She would reach up for me to hold her with fear clearly on her face. I kept reassuring her everything was fine and that she was safe. She asked me for her mommy several times and I found out that she actually lives with her dad. During the program, her dad SCREAMED from across the street at her,  demanded she put her jacket on, and with some colorful language asked how long this program would go on. As she trembled in my lap and scurried to put her jacket on, I just prayed under my breath and squeezed her a little tighter.


Love looks like something:

It doesn't always look like a grand adventure to a new land and language.

Sometimes it just looks like a hug.

And meeting people where they are. As Jesus so often meets us.

Rebuilding broken lives through Jesus Christ. It's what Jesus did. It's what He DOES. It's what Pine Valley does really well. 

It's what we all have the opportunity to do. Every day. In every interaction. With friends. Family. Church family. Enemies. 

Seek with me first his kingdom and his righteousness...

we'll never regret it.   


May the God of all hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit,



Update on Zambia
Written by Untitled User
Monday, 29 November 1999 19:00

Beth Adonai Rohi Ministries

The Sheperds Pasture:

It is hardly a year that the ministry was born & within that time he has literally given Beth Adonai Rohi ministries (House of the Lord our Shepherd) over 10 acres of prime real-estate on Kitwe’s busiest highway at no cost among many other things.

What can be said but that God indeed answers prayers. As baffling as it may appear, no one saw the land as vacant. Someone said, ‘God hid it for us’. In granting the land the authorities quoted scripture from the book of Esther by saying, ‘Perhaps I have come to the kingdom for such a times as this!’ Referring to giving land to a ministry with tangible acts of Christian love demonstrated among the poor.

The plan is to make it a place for salvation, spiritual nourishment & healing, education & divine direction. Already lives have been changed. From 7 members in December 2013 (mostly family), there over 100 new converts with four other branches. Every Sunday without exception someone is born again at the service. We encourage new members in winning new members.

At Beth Adonai Rohi Ministries, Jesus is alive. Our vision is to be the shepherd in the mids of Zambia flock.

Our First Baptism Service:

Sunday 28th was the first baptism service of the ministry with 60 enlisted for water baptism. New born again Christians in a congregation less than nine months old were immersed in water. The many witnesses who stood to watch and hear the public profession of faith clapped and sung all the time.

Adonai Schools:

There are two new schools. One in the rural premise & one at our current urban premises. The rural school needs a water well, to improve health & academics amongst the vulnerable pupils who are mostly orphans. We can now receive toys, clothes, & supplies believing that you will partnership with us over time.

Church and Leadership :

The church has tremendous growth potential. 80% of our members are new converts. We are trainning and raising leaders. We covet your prayers and support with the burden that we carry. It can be quite a challenge amongst these with limited education. We need visual aids for instruction. Supplies for Christmas, Easter stories etc. We always have to think visual, to put a point across! With you help we can do it well.

Love in Action:

To be part of the Beth Adonai Rohi Ministries, let us know your interest by email to the given address below. Or make donation directly to this non-for-profit organization by wire transfer. Please notify us on the purpose of the donation.

  • Remember the needy at Christmas for $20 a hamper you can give a family a Christmas to remember as you put love in action.
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Youth are the Future Ministry
  • Job Creation for needy families

+26 097 782 0156



Lubuto Update
Written by Untitled User
Friday, 25 July 2014 13:43
I am finally got home and getting adjusted. Thank you for your time and the love
you showed. We are indeed grateful for the shared moments, gifts, rides, meals
and all. When I arrived at 3PM local time in Lusaka the next day, it was much
cooler than New York. I actually needed a Jacket. Ice age? .
Anyway, I am already in the think of things. I got a call to meet with the new
mayor yesterday over some controversy going with the building we are using for
church. I use the opportunity to preach Jesus and present him with a bible and he
wants to come to church when we ask him. He has asked me to interactive with
him and I do hope to use this to build the kingdom, one brick at a time. I asked
him to grace the Raphael medical team when they arrive in March 2015. Keep
us in prayer someone is interested in facility we are using. Pray that we get a
response from the Ministry of lands for our church soon.
My further request to you is if you can pray with me that God to give me the
heathen and the uttermost parts of the earth for a possession as promised in
Psalms chapter 2 verse 8. I hunger for souls. It’s the only thing that causes
angels to rejoice in heaven. It’s not the acquisition of money, not the building
of new grand homes, or the purchase of a new car as good as these might be but
it is when one soul repents (Luke 15:10). We can do this I believe we can make
heaven’s angels have a party everyday as we bring in new souls daily.
For now thank you so much. Please keep in touch. We are a new ministry so all
the help we can get is most welcome.
Here is my first 2014 ‘Nsofu united’ Sunday 20th
(She has been trying to teach us on how to write some Chinese characters) and
Jesse based in Lusaka. Olive leaves for China end of August.
Shalom to you all
Lubuto Nsofu
Thank You Shawi Indians Conference
Written by Sharon Malcolm
Thursday, 24 July 2014 16:33

PERUSING PERU  Pastor’s and Shawi Indian Conferences

I want to thank all of you that prayed and contributed to the pastor’s and Shawi Indian
conferences that took place from June 25 to July 1. It was a tremendous time of revelation,
ministry and change for adults and children. Pastor Jack Groblewski, senior pastor of New
Covenant Christian Community in Bethlehem, PA and Eric Frank, an elder of New Covenant
shared their hearts with pastors and leaders from 13 different churches in Yurimaguas, the town
where I live in Perú.
The profound revelation of the Word that Pastor Jack shared and the teachings of Biblical
principles that Eric Frank brought seem to be life changing for all that attended. The ministry that
each one brought was significant enough to shift the ground in the leaders of these churches to
make a lasting change in their perspective on their calling, ministry to the Body of Christ and to
the community as a whole. When joined together the impact of these changes lived out could be
explosive in changing the city where we live!
I am believing for this explosion and am trying to meet with the vice-president of the
network of these churches to see what we could do collectively to firmly establish the Kingdom of
God in Yurimaguas.
The Shawi Indian conference proved to be just as effective although distinctly different in
focus. While the pastor’s conference was directed at educated and ministry-experienced church
leaders the Shawi conference addressed a more primitive people, who live in grass-roofed huts and
whose reading level may only reach the sixth grade. However, the Shawis were very hungry for the
Word of God and eager to know how to apply it to their daily lives.
Eric did an amazing job in teaching the children. His lessons were very clear and direct with
lots of fun activities to reinforce and help retain the main points of the Bible lesson he was
teaching. Shawis normally do not draw attention to themselves publically but after only a short
time Eric had the children fully participating in several games and scripture memorization. It is
vital for the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the villages that the children as well as the
adults understand Biblical principles and how to apply them in their daily lives. I believe this was
done by both Pastor Jack and Eric in each of their areas of ministry to the Shawis.
I can’t thank New Covenant enough for the sending Pastor Jack and Eric to Perú to minister
so completely and diversly to these two extremes of people. I also want to express my deepest
gratitude to all of you who stood in the gap in intercession for these conferences so that so many
lives were distinctly touched by the Holy Spirit. God bless each of you for joining with me in this
incredible outreach in discipling and advancing the Kingdom of God in the city and in the villages.

Your Co-laborer in the Kingdom,

Sharon Malcolm

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