New Ministry Explored Among the Condosi Indians
Nine hours on the Nucuray River to visit two village churches and three non-Christian villages
     We made an exploratory trip to the Nucuray River to visit two Assembly of God village churches and three non-Christian villages in order to start a work in this area.  An American missionary, who is head of the Assembly of God in the state where I live, set up the trip through a contact he had that knew the river.  It was an exciting time as we ministered the Word of God in all five villages that were visited through children’s programs and evening services.  Several people accepted Christ for the first time or rededicated their lives to Him.  All of the villages that we visited requested that we come back for more teaching of the Word and one village that we did not have time to visit requested a visit from us as well.
     Although drunkenness and strong superstition is very prevalent among the non-Christian villages the desire for the Word of God on a regular basis is what the majority of the people wanted.
River dock in the village Puerto Alegre, a non-Christian village
Sharon doing a children’s program in Puerto Alegre.  Her clothing is still wet from the boat ride.
Waiting for people to arrive for the evening service at Nueva Arica.
     One community named Nueva Arica, had a strong desire to have a church started in their village and already has three men that were formally trained that can help start it.  Fortunately, most of the villages have heard of Jesus Christ and are familiar with what He did.  Now it is just a matter of helping them see why it’s important to them.
     The harvest on this river is very ripe and there is great potential to reach many villages with the Gospel here.  In order to do this we will be starting the first of many 4-day training sessions in February with the two Assembly of God churches to help prepare them to take on the task of bringing in the harvest.  Since the three of us that made this trip live very far away from this area it is vital that the people in these churches understand their part in the Great Commission and get trained on how to study the Bible and how to evangelize and disciple this great harvest of souls.
     I will be doing these trainings as I have done with our Shawi Indians in the past and am believing that the Lord will use this material to open the minds and hearts of the people to be aggressive in reaching the lost for Christ.  Would you stand with me in prayer for this huge task in seeing the Body of Christ in this area rise up to their full potential?
     We will also be starting a Bible Institute among the Ashenika Indians in April to help equip them as well for the work of the Lord.  In the meantime we are continuing the Bible Institute among our Shawi Indians in the village of San Francisco to prepare the leadership of this new church to take on their role as pastors and deacons.  The Lord is truly at work in all these areas and is reaching the Christians and non-Christians alike with the power of His Word to transform individuals as well as whole communities.  May the Lord bless you in every way for your commitment to stand with us in prayer for these precious people and for this work.
Forever in Him,
Sharon Malcolm

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